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We are Brooke & Joshua! We met each other when we moved to Portland in 2018 and instantly bonded over our love for the arts and healthy living. Our favorite snack after a fun night out dancing is gourmet cereal. The way we make cereal is far superior to any of your typical sugar filled, highly processed boxes of cereal that line the shelves today. We took cereal to a whole new level and want the world to get in on it.


We are now on a mission to shift the paradigm of conventional cereal breakfast.


We know you love cereal. Who doesn't? Americans buy around 2.7 billion boxes of cereal each year, enough to stretch all the way to the moon and back. (THAT'S A LOT OF CEREAL!!) However, it's hard to LOVE eating cereal when you know that it is dangerous to your health due to the amount of sugar and toxic chemicals that are pervasive in the cereal industry.


So, we'd like to ask you to re-imagine a cereal bowl that is tastier, more nourishing and something you can feel good about feeding your body and your children. 



A Healthy and Delicious Way to Nourish Your Inner Child 

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EWG testing shows glyphosate is still in popular breakfast cereals

​Glyphosate is a toxic chemical used on our food and is found in 75% of the food in the U.S.

Glyphosate is harmful and destroys the gut microbiome. Our gut microbiome is responsible for 70% of our immune function.

Glyphosate has been deemed carcinogenic and can lead to leaky gut, fatty acid disease, and much worse.

The Most Popular Cereal at America's Biggest Grocery Stores:

  • Quaker Oats

  • Kellog's Fruit Loops

  • Cheerios

  • Frosted Flakes 

  • Honey Nut Cheerios 

These top 5 cereals have all tested for high levels of glyphosate with Cheerios at 729 ppb. EWG’s health benchmark for children is 160 ppb.

A child would only need to eat a single 60 gram serving of food with a glyphosate level of 160 ppb to reach the maximum dose considered safe by EWG.


  • CEREAL AND SUGAR: All in all, the cereal industry uses approximately 816 million pounds of sugar each year, according to Scott Bruce and Bill Crawford, authors of Cerealizing America: The Unsweetened Story of Breakfast Cereal. 

  • CEREAL AND ARTIFICIAL COLORS & FLAVOR: Cereals are high in artificial colors and flavoring which are harmful to the human body.


Potential harms of artificial colors & flavors:  

  • Cancerous tumors of the bladder, thyroid and other organs

  • Genotoxicity (ability to mutate DNA)

  • Exacerbated hives and asthma

  • Neurotoxicity

  • Irritability and trouble sleeping

  • Hyperactivity / ADD / ADHD

  • Aluminum contamination (this applies to both natural and artificial colors)

  • Negative impact on male fertility

  • Contaminated with carcinogens like benzidine

  • Hypersensitivity reactions

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

The Super Cereal Solution:


  1. Bring people pure, real and delicious cereal options that do not contain harmful ingredients and use superfood milk options to enhance the nutritional value of the cereal bowl.

  2. Educate people & spread awareness around the severity of our compromised & toxic food system.

  3. Provide people with the tools and resources to be empowered to shop and consume more consciously. 

  4. Show people that healthy eating can be delicious AND nutritious. 

*Learn more about the mission here!

Target Market:

  • Everyone in America with a mouth. 

  • Families

  • Children


  • Quaker, Kellogs, General Mills and Big Ag. 

Revenue Streams:

  • Will sell directly to customers at farmers markets, festivals and events

  • Online superfood sales 

Marketing Activities:

  • Utilize social media & in person events 

  • Demonstrations and educational workshops at events and local grocery stores 


  • physical space to conduct business

  • all the ingredients for super cereal

    • granola, milk, superfoods​, fruit, dates, nuts for nut butter

  • bowls & spoons 

  • marketing materials

  • commercial kitchen space 

  • farmers market booth fees

  • vendor fees 

  • liability and insurance 

  • transportation to events 

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We envision a world where health and creativity merge. Health impacts every aspect of your BEingness - including your ability to tap into your creative life force energy. When sickness and dis-ease prevails, energy cannot flow towards creativity. When you prioritize your wellness, you allow your most authentic aspects of Self to radiate out into the world. This is how you truly make an impact. 

We would like to propose a Superfood Cereal Cafe where artists and guests can refuel on something delicious and comforting but filled with high vibrational nutrition. The menu would be super simple to start and can evolve as the project evolves. The menu would include super cereal, superfood drinks, and raw bliss ball snacks. The casual cereal cafe would require minimal space and inventory. We could essentially run this project as a pop up where there would be no need to store anything on site. 

We have plenty of experience with vending pop-up events, farmer's markets and festivals. The two of us THRIVE in this way of doing conscious commerce. The Haven space would be an ideal environment for allowing our vision to dance to life. This is a unique and playful way to re-imagine a fond childhood food memory and make an impact.

It's time to ignite our inner child and shift the paradigm of cereal one bowl at a time. 


Brooke Holland

Joshua Miller

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