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Hello, I’m Brooke and I am holistic nutritionist and an advocate for regenerative health solutions. I grew up in the quaint town of Grass Valley, California where my love for hiking, cooking, dancing, yoga, health and music was ignited.


I moved to the beautiful central coast of California to a town called San Luis Obispo and graduated from Cal Poly in the spring of 2017 with a bachelor of science degree in nutrition. 


I have always been tuned in and aware of my health. However, near the end of my college days my health was NOT in check (which was quite paradoxical given that I was studying nutrition at the time). And on top of that, I was doubting so much of my education and losing faith in the path that I was on, which was a path to becoming a clinical dietician.

During my time at University, I worked in a hospital and for a pediatrician. My work experience taught me exactly what I DIDN'T want to do. I was working as a dietary aide and was delivering the meals to the patients in the hospitals. I witnessed first hand the quality of the food the patients were receiving. Let’s just say the food given to the patients was far from nourishing. I thought to myself, "Shouldn’t patients in the hospital be given the best nutrition for recovery?!"


That's when I began questioning everything.


I quickly learned that I wanted to help people that WANTED to be helped through holistic modalities. I chose to study nutrition because I wanted to learn more about 'thy food being thy medicine'. However, my education fell short in this area.


Long story short, I embarked on my own journey of spirituality, yoga and deep healing. I was on a quest to find out what true health looked like and felt like to me. 

I successfully healed my own gut and have reached a state of thriving health I didn't even know was possible. I continued my education in regenerative health and have learned from the teachings of Dr. Zach Bush. My inner fire has been lit around spreading awareness and education around the dangers of our compromised modern food system. 

I am here to be a guide for you on your journey to a state of radiant, thriving health and well-BEing. I am here to teach you how good your body is capable of feeling. I am here to empower you to reclaim your health by tapping into accessible tools and holistic practices. 

If you are looking to embark upon your personal healing journey or learn more about how I can support you in realizing your most expansive human potential, please contact me.

I hope that my personal self expression can be of inspiration to you. If you want to follow my journey or are curious about what I do, please feel free to connect with me on my social media.


In love & radiant health,






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