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Light Circle


By age 35, you have lost over 50% of Stem Cell activity

By age 65, you will lose almost ALL of Stem Cell activity 

The LESS Stem Cell activity you have - the FASTER you age and the SLOWER you heal

Thanks to a historical and affordable scientific breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology you can Activate Your Own Stem Cells (without painful & expensive injections) and Feel, Look and Live Younger... even decades Younger! 

​And it costs as little as a cup of coffee a day!

What is Phototherapy?

It's been known for thousands of years that specific frequencies of light can cause specific changes within the body. When we go out in the sun, a specific frequency of light causes our body to make Vitamin D. Another specific frequency of light (UV) will cause our body to make melanin, the chemical that gives us a sun tan. LifeWave's patented technology is based on this same scientific principle. Below are some of the benefits people are experiencing with X39:


Watch this webinar with our genius inventor and CEO, David Schmidt to learn more:

 LifeWave has been in business for over 15 years and now has over a dozen phototherapy patches.  By far, the most powerful and exciting is our X39. Some of the other very popular patches include:


ENERGY PATCH (called “Energy Enhancer”)


PAIN PATCH (called “IceWave”)


STRESS PATCH (called “Aeon”)


GLUTATHIONE BOOSTING PATCH (called “Glutathione Patch”)


SLEEP PATCH (called “Silent Nights”)

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