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Play, Independence & Service


I did the things and went through the motions that society urged me to do. I graduated early with my bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly - but unlike most of my colleagues, I had no plans to pursue an internship or a master’s degree. School ended and FINALLY I could live life on my own terms. My transformation truly began beyond the confines of the educational system. I gained more knowledge during my travels than school could ever provide. I dismissed the incessant nagging to “get a real job” because I knew in my heart that this was not my path. I always had a hunch that I would be my own boss because showing up to a 9-5 job would not serve my free flow lifestyle.


I need to be free.

I need independence.


Quite frankly, working for someone else’s dream is a disservice to the world. I will not play small. I will not live in fear. My passion and fire shall not be hindered. I am the creator of my reality and am meant to live a life of purpose and play. My divergent path is meant to inspire others to break free from convention & explore a world of endless opportunities. I am beyond grateful for this beautiful community of inspiring individuals who have united together to support and encourage one another to live out their purpose. This is just the beginning.

If this resonates with you, join me. You will be supported in this journey. I will teach you how to create a life of  f r e e d o m .

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