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Kangen Water Is Functional Medical Grade Water

Water Is The “Matrix Of Life”

What is electrolyzed reduced water?

Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) is a functional drinking water that exhibits an alkaline pH, is rich in molecular hydrogen and has a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP)

 ERW is known to scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS) and protect DNA from oxidative damage

Anatomical Model

What this means for our body and our health: 

water plays an active role in the life of the cell

  • Our cells have a negative electrical potential that range from -80 to -90mV in human cells. This has to do with the membrane and the ion channels of the cell membrane. 

  • Our body is constantly ridding itself of positive protons to maintain this negative charge (we do this through breathing, sweating, peeing etc.) 

  • To maintain a negative charge, we want negatively charged electrons

  • Oxidation removes electrons creating an undesirable positive state

  • A more negative ORP has an antioxidant effect while a positive ORP acts as an oxidant

  • ERW inhibits oxidative stress by restoring the antioxidant capacity

  • The antioxidant effect is due to molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen exhibits a high reducing ability (gaining of electrons) and could contribute to ROS scavenging activity, as well as participate in the cellular redox regulation.

How does this play a part in disease? 

Oxidative stress and inflammation are the leading causes of disease. 

Molecular Hydrogen Therapy benefits the entire body. 

You may be wondering, "Why don't I know more about this?!"

 Well, let me tell you. Doctors and pharmaceuticals dont like this! Can you imagine why? Possibly because it’s such an easy and powerful health solution for so many states of dis-ease. And guess what? They are not making money on it.


But it works. 

Okay, so we now know that oxidative stress is damaging to the body and plays a critical role in inflammation and disease states. 

Unfortunately, we can't always escape from the toxins that contribute to oxidative stress & inflammation. We are exposed to toxins in our environment - pesticides, antibiotics, metals, our diets... etc. 

When oxidative stress disrupts our gut microbiome we are in trouble. Our gut microbiome plays a critical role in our immune system. 70-80% of our immune system is housed in our gut. 

How Exactly Kangen Water Works In The Body


First we must understand what electrolysis does:

With the help of electricity, the water molecules get split into molecular hydrogen and active oxygen. 

The water is then restructured into smaller clusters for rapid absorption into the cells thus maximizing nutrition and detoxification. 

*remember this is different than chemically altering water

Great, now you know where the molecular hydrogen comes from!  

Let's talk about our gut.

The gut is a hydrogen generator. If the right bacteria is in the gut and we are eating foods broken down to short chain fatty acids or medium chain fatty acids & fiber rich foods (water soluble fiber) then our gut bacteria can break down our food into hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas travels through the gastrointestinal tract and signals other pathways to function. 

Hydrogen gas can neutralize hydroxyl radicals (the most cell damaging free radical in the body) upon direct contact by creating two water molecules. (H2 splits to pair up with two hydroxyl radicals to form two H20s). Essentially we can take the worst free radical in the body and combine it with hydrogen to create a water molecule rather than a horrible cell damaging molecule. Not only does it neutralize the free radical itself, hydrogen gas signals the mitochondria to not produce as many hydroxyl radicals. 

So by putting hydrogen gas back into our system, we are restoring our antioxidant function. Hydrogen is literally reducing oxidative stress and inflammation which then lowers our susceptibility to disease and pathology. 

Hydrogen gas stimulates Ghrelin (hunger hormone) secretion in the gut which is also necessary for cognitive function. This is beneficial for parkinsons, alzheimers, neurological issues & cancer. H2 truly benefits the entire body. There are 200 biomolecules in the body that are regulated by hydrogen gas.  

Final Takeaway

Kangen water is electrolyzed reduced water

Kangen water has a negative ORP which indicates that a substance is a reducing agent. The lower the reading, the more anti-oxidizing it is. 

Kangen water is rich in molecular hydrogen 

Molecular hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant and protects the cells from oxidative damage 

Therapeutic applications of hydrogen are greatly accepted but hasn't reached the public quite yet

Which is why it is up to us to spread the knowledge and share this healing water with others!


What Are You Waiting For? 

true health begins now. 

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