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my why.

i didn't want to settle. i dreamed of making an income doing something i was passionate about but wasn't sure what that was at the time. however, i knew that i couldn't go back to school. (i already fell victim to the lie we are told that if we get a degree we are guaranteed a good paying job. i quickly learned that was all a load of B.S.) i also didn't want to work for someone else's dream. i am granted this one human life and i didn't want to waste away working for someone else. i needed time & freedom to truly live my most authentic life - so i took a risk and haven't looked back. i am now healing my own body and spreading awareness about the most important resource on this planet to help heal others & the earth.


and guess what? i get to make money doing it.


you can too.


i'm so happy you are here love!

join us

truth bombs: 

KYW Eye - Peach.png
KYW Eye - Peach.png
  • i didn't have any business experience. 

  • i didn't know how to build a website.

  • i didn't know how to create content that looked good

  • i didn't have a big social media following 

when i joined this community: 

we teach you everything you need to know!

truth bombs: 

these things don't matter. 


what does matter?

you are unfulfilled with your current job or current way of living

you are open to new possibilities

you are excited to learn something new

you are ready to uplevel your life in more ways than you know yet

you desire connection with community

you are motivated and inspired to do what it takes to live a free life

you are dedicated to creating the life you truly envision for yourself

you have belief that you are the creator of your reality

you are worthy

what if we worked for our passions instead of a paycheck? 


i'm grateful we found each other.

you are not alone.

you are guided + supported by an entire community.

we must leave behind what not longer serves us

so that we can create space for what is meant for us

you are exactly where you need to be.

Through This Journey We Become Spiritually Hydrated

Kangen Water is antioxidant water meaning that it is an ELECTRON DONOR

Antioxidants have the ability to give electrons (this is what makes them an antioxidant - they can give away their electrons to free radicals in need) 

This water is GIVING not taking

Energetically we have more to give to others; to share our abundance; to share our healing gifts

We then become spiritually hydrated.

We do not join this business to become rich and greedy. We are here to fill our own cups so that we can DONATE energy + give back our abundance + share our wealth.

We honor collaboration over competition. There is no hierarchy.

We join this business and community because of a genuine desire to help others, to offer freedom, to offer health, to offer people a new opportunity to live their lives outside of the confines of the current societal structure that is unsustainable + unfulfilling.

what's next?

KYW Logo - Black.png

𓂀 unlimited access to our marketing academy

𓂀 one on one mentorship

𓂀 over 10 hours of training / 100+ videos

𓂀 monthly live team calls

𓂀 30 min. coaching call with myself

𓂀 invitation to retreats, events + KYW gatherings

𓂀 weekly journal prompts

𓂀 high vibrational community + support system

𓂀 a chance to follow your passions + find your purpose

𓂀 an opportunity to start working for your own dreams instead of someone else's

$11/month of $77 for a lifetime membership

ready to learn more? 

 join the KNOW YOUR WHY community +

access the full training


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