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Sunbeam Wellness

Commit to 90 days of cellular nourishment and improve how you look, feel, and perform.


Detox from the sneaky culprit that is destroying your health.


Reclaim your health through a simple healing food system and remember how good your body is capable of feeling.

The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

a cellular and gut reset

Transform your physical health down to the cellular level. Flood your body and cells with pure organic superfood nutrition that will support you and... 


  • Nourish your cells

  • Detoxify your body

  • Repair & rejuvenate your Gut Microbiome

  • Remove Glyphosate (RoundUp)

  • Cleanse & purify the blood

  • Remove parasites/worms, heavy metals & other toxins

  • Fortify your immune system

  • Increase mental clarity

  • Increase energy & mood

  • Burn fat naturally

  • Alkalize & vitalize

  • Curb sugar cravings

  • + so much more! 

Fall Salad

Upgrade Your Body in 30-90 Days!


Why every human needs this nutrition

The quality of the food you eat = the quality of life that you live.


Get ready to TRANSFORM your body, your habits and your relationship with food.


The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.


- Lao Tzu



Purium is a farm to family manufacturer that has been producing the highest quality plant based nutrition for over 27 years.


We focus on supporting the body with nutrition and detoxification to heal on the cellular level. We believe that every dollar spent is a vote cast, and that by voting for radiant health and environmentally sustainable practices we can change the future one cell at a time.

Our ingredients are grown in organic, mineral-rich soil with pure water. Purium is committed to no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients.


Just real food.


Superfoods for super results.


Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies, as well as the Earth.

Click "Shop with Gift Card" for $50 OFF your first order! 

Purium's founder and formulator, Dave Sandoval says, 

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Let's Connect!



Hi, my name is Melissa and I wanted to share a little more detail about my AMAZING healing transformation/testimony!


I am a single mama and gave birth in 2016. Prior to birth I ate relatively well and loved to exercise. My body felt young and pretty strong. Then, i birthed my beautiful daughter with the support of my doula and my mother. The birth was traumatic and this was the start of my adrenal fatigue. My daughter is now completely thriving but my body was not. I breastfed for 2 years plus and my moon cycle never returned. I tried everything and spend a lot of money on alternative medicines. I also tried out of desperation Pharma just once. I also tried eating way more than i what felt natural and that ended up making me feel lethargic and bloated.

Because my body was so fatigued from stress, I feel my body was really adrenal fatigued. I think because of this other issues arose. I started to get Migraines for the first time ever. Horrible headaches and nausea. I did end up getting sick a couple times. I also was having a serious ear/brain issue called hyperacusis. And, a sinus issue where it made it impossible to breath out of my nose. I then knew I had and wanted to make some serious changes. I had started to make daily smoothies and tried to pack in as many nutrients as I could! It still wasn't enough to jumpstart my healing process.

Then, I met a beautiful human, Brooke. She told me about what she was doing and I fell in love with the company and what they had to offer. And her too, lol. I knew that I had to have these superfoods.

1 month later, my ear/brain wasn't inflamed anymore and my ear issue was 90 percent better. 2 months later, my moon cycle returned after almost 5 years!!!! I am more healthy than I have ever been and so happy I said YES to this transformation!!!

I love this community and I love this company and I love the movement!! I am falling in Love with myself again.

It's soooooo worth it!!!

Much love!

5. My energy was coming to a halt, the past couple months I’ve worked 10 hour days - started to feel more sleepy - stoney - heavy when I got off work rather than the motivated loud human I usually am… I KNEW SOMETHING IN MY DIET HAD TO CHANGE because it was the only thing I was not holding standards to in my life.

6. Trying to eat healthy with Alex is a super funnnnyyy joke, this boy loves his snacks and drive thrus more then anyone I’ve met, I needed an alternative solution and a complete opposite diet of him and it wasn’t happening as I desired so I thought this could work + took the dive!!!

7. Never before have I had issues waking up in the morning meditating, pulling through guidance for the present, connecting things using realm sleep . UNTIL I started waking up with super intense hunger pains, an empty stomach empty throat and I would sit there getting ready to meditate and be completely in-capable it was like I needed to fill my body with something…. I hated that feeling because I’ve never had it before so I would have to get up and go eat breakfast before I could even freaking mentally feed myself which I just do not like the idea of !! So I obviously looked into plants and herbs and other things that would satisfy & fulfill me in both ways so I wouldn’t necessarily need to eat before morning meditation but finding a way for those herbs to taste good only lasted so long so I needed another option. This intriguing way of life seemed to be lining up with everything that I needed.

8. I found women + people that I trusted to listen too . They’ve help guide not only my health but everybody’s through their own lifestyle and completely honest living. They’ll even say it. You can’t make this shit up. THIS LIVING SAVES Us but more importantly saves OUR PLANET. 

241134796_542503490355981_9000082738516875847_n (1).jpg

Reasons I opened my pocket, mind, body and soul to Brooke's recommendation to these superfoods….

1. The fight against climate change needs bigger and better solutions - I was sick of how much plastic my house and grocery stores were spewing to our planet just to have food to survive

2. Crippling period cramps

3. Terrible cravings that I noticed altered what I wanted to do physically and what I was focused on mentally

4. I saw happiness cultivate through sunbeam Brooke even harder and happier then she already was.


1. Wow life is beautiful.

2. I have saved $400 worth of food/groceries these passed two months

3. I have experienced no period cramps after the gut cleanse not even body warnings like swollen breasts the week before!!


5. The other day I finally started to calm down from my long day of work, laid down hoping to watch a movie with Alex, when he popped the computer open I realized it was 2:30 a.m and I have to wake up at 5 a.m … I had only drank my shake, a handful of cherry tomatoes and my herbal supplements. My energy is so consistent/ strong/ steady/ exciting and falling to sleep is so quick! Waking up and doing what I want is too. The energy is real and right back where we left off (with lots of energy) when I wake up.

6. I’ve lost 24 pounds now - started 08/02 • not much feels like it’s changed because I don’t miss or crave anything…. This stuff just satisfies my cells to the tippy top, sometimes putting food near my mouth has me questioning if I want it, even if I haven’t eaten all day so that’s kinda weird but I freaking love it because its helps me naturally shed my extra flab shit and keeps me motivated to do another month!!

7. My sex life has gotten better!

8. I haven’t even needed to take out the recycle trash since starting…… just not enough plastic to fill it THANK YOU PURIUM.

9. It’s amazing for my 7:45-5:45 work schedule, due to the process and set up I don’t get hungry throughout the day or feel hangry between or after work!!!

10. I HAVE BEEN DOING SO MANY MORE LITTLE ACTIVITIES & THINGS BETWEEN AND AFTER WORK - ALWAYS OUTSIDE AND ALWAYS READY EVEN IF ITS BY MYSELF…. there’s no devil on my shoulder convincing me to sit at home with the babies or relax and watch Alex jump around.

Over all, after trying Purium's self reliant healing system I’ve realize the devil was never on our shoulder, he’s in our gut GET HIM OUT!!!

Sending alll the love & blessings for you to personally thrive through our planets abundant plant selection - eating habits that overjoyed our ancestors and will help us love the body we use to fulfill our life’s desires!!!

241200514_542503523689311_532741843976226870_n (1).jpg

I met Brooke in October 2019. Purium and superfoods ended up coming up in conversation as we hung out more and I was immediately skeptical. I believe this skepticism came from a protectiveness of not wanting to be scammed or just “sold” something by a typical salesperson who only has their best interest in mind to make a sale to make money, which has happened to me in the past. I’ve heard of these organic diets and other plant based shakes before but never trusted them for some reason. Brooke never pressured me to try Purium.

She simply explained what it was and shared with me some healing stories that others experienced, along with her own story, through the 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation program and allowed me to make my own choice to move forward or not.

For months and months before meeting Brooke I was experiencing digestion issues of never feeling good after I ate, even if it was organic and healthy food choices. I would feel bloated and disgusting after I’d eat along with a lingering fatigue on a day to day basis. I even started going to the extreme of skipping meals to avoid this discomfort which is of course not good. I was never able to figure out the cause and basically gave up as I didn’t know what to do. A few months went by after I heard about Purium and then one day it dawned on me that maybe this could be the thing that helpsf me get back on track and decided to give it a shot, and to put it simply, it worked.

Immediately, I believe only 3 or 4 days into the 30 day transformation I was already starting to feel alive again. I felt clean. I felt good. I had energy again. My skin started to glow. There was life in my smile. I experienced easier and more complete sleep cycles. My digestion normalized. I started looking forward to my meals again as they made me feel completely nourished and energized. The support I received from Brooke throughout the cleanse was beyond helpful. She was ALWAYS there to answer any questions I had along with being a guide to help me get through some of the “harder” parts of the cleanse. This one on one support is something you will never ever find from any other diet or cleanse program. I am beyond grateful to have been introduced to such a powerful healing tool. Let food be thy medicine they say, keyword food. REAL FOOD, aka Purium. To this day, now over a year later, I have never felt so aligned with my being and my overall health in my 31 years of life. I am living breathing proof of how these organic superfoods can heal our bodies. Thank you Brooke, I am beyond grateful to have met you and to be a part of your story of helping others become their most optimized selves.

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